Google + settings

To effectively use the Google +, it is important that you take the time to understand your profile and the main features, in particular the Circle of Google and privacy settings. Another thing I like about Google’s social network, which is a user control over privacy settings.

The first thing you need to do is set up Google + profile and upload an image or avatar. In this section you can determine what parts of your profile is public or private. You can give access to your profile to people in certain circles. Part of the information in your profile, including a short bio, occupation, education, work history, relationship status, gender, etc.

Take the time to understand your privacy settings and configure accordingly. This step is important because it helps determine which updates are divided into friends in your circle. You can determine if your item may be shared by your friends, friends of them, including tagging for photos and video.

Once you understand and manage your privacy settings, it’s time to create and manage Google + Circle. Google + organize your friends in various circles, such as family, friends, classmates, colleagues, acquaintances, etc., you can determine who your updates. Similarly, if you want updates from only certain people to see, you can use the river to the filter update.

Finally, make sure your e-mails the message and change some settings so you are not bothered with many e-mails when people add you to their circle, comment on your posts, your tags to photos, etc. You will not lose any of these updates because you still see when you log on to Google + network.

Circles and managing privacy settings are not too difficult, but initially you may feel a bit confusing. I have a Google + installation guide with step-by-step tutorial videos that you might find useful for preparing your Google + network.

Google+ Social Networking

Google + is similar to Facebook in terms of look and feel “of social networks, but has some unique features. Circle Features like Google, Spotlights, Sparks, Google Instant Huddle and additions give the competitive edge.

Google + Features

One of the most distinctive features of Google + is a circle of Google that allows users to configure their privacy settings to effectively manage their network of friends. This unique feature gives users the flexibility to share updates and news feeds with a friend who means the user has more control over who sees the update. The circle also allows users to filter updates from their friends, by the river, so they do not have to sift through hundreds of status updates.

Another interesting feature of Google’s Hangouts + Google is in fact a face-to-video communication feature that allows friends to face video conferencing. Users need a webcam to use this feature and up to 10 users can even video chat.

Google Sparks is another feature that allows users to find articles and other online content on various topics on Google + and share with friends. And Huddle is a feature for Google Android and iPhone communications devices make real-time chat instant messaging group.

There are also other features such as Instant and game additions that are part of Google’s social network. Google will also integrate some of their other services online + Google such as Gmail, YouTube, Google profile, Google Maps, etc.

In terms of games in the Google +, I think the fact that the course of the game activity is separate from the main activity flow. This helps prevent the chaos that we see on social networking platforms like Facebook.