Impact of Social Network Marketing to Sales

As mentioned above, people will be interested to join the famous social networking to create profiles and existing members or in the yard or business insurance. Once the profile is created, users can interact with each other, send invitation for others to join. At-shaped links, the message to your friends, group members become easier since users tend to organize themselves with the affinity, life stages, and psychographics that will be excellent opportunities for targeted marketing.

Influence of social networks on purchase intent:
By using social networks as previously mentioned members share their ideas, they can talk about different things, including even the newest products they buy certain types of services provided to them or offered by the company. Many people worldwide believe in talking to other customers to get the necessary information prior to the purchase of goods or services (an issue of trust factor-of-mouth). And now the consumer because of the availability of information on the Internet, they prefer to search online and will be online if they prefer to social networks to find information from other customers, and what is shared on social networking page specifically about certain types of goods or services companies.

Marketers eye form is important information for businesses about the fact that the information together, the real facts to the customer / consumer name, and friends or specific groups of fans can rely on or trust in another person (or fan) when told the facts.