Social Bookmarking Improve Your Website Traffic

Ever heard the expression “A link is a link?” I wonder what that means? In short, this means that every link pointing to one of your web page useful for your site. Instead of spending hours on the blog search engine optimization latest theories about what the search engines will do next, why not help yourself with a link back to your webpage?

All the links are not the same, but all links are good. Some links carry more weight than others. For example, PR4 or PR5 link from a page on a web site with just a few links pointing your web site do much good. But how do you get that link?

You can spend hours writing a large amount of content and hope that the other webmaster is your website and very impressed with the excellent information you are him, unsolicited, a link to your website. Is the chances of that happening? It happened to you yet?

If you’re like most people, you answered “No” to the last question. For most of us, we must go out and get our own link. Social bookmarking is a way to achieve this, together with article submissions, directory submissions, public service announcements, and comments left on blogs. All of these methods of link building, the authority of your site, and therefore your website traffic will increase as more searchers find your website in search engines.

There are many social bookmarking sites with high PR, but the bookmarking sites with PR 0. There is no discount low PR, but your goal to create links as much as you can get from all the bookmarking sites, regardless of page rank.

You can manually social bookmarking sites, but if you really plan to make money from website, it makes sense to automate this process. Webmasters have different choices of automatic social bookmarking software.